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4 Tips To Pick The Best Triturating Juicer

How to pick the best triturating juicer

Triturating juicers or also known as Twin Gear juicers sit at the top of the juicers’ world in terms of juice quality. They produce the highest yield of juice when compared to any other type of juicer. The Triturating juicers are slow speed juicers and use twin gear interlocking technology to extract every drop of juice from the produce you want to juice. When you want to pick the best triturating juicer, you should read the whole article.

best triturating juicer
But in this competitive world and evolving technology, the market has been flooded with a number of triturating juicers and it has become quite confusing for anyone to pick one. But if are really trying to buy one twin gear juicer and are also confused then consider our following 4 most important tips before buying any triturating juicer.

1. Price
Unless you aren’t a sheikh from Dubai having a business of billions, then the price does matters. Before going out to buy a triturating juicer make sure you have done plenty of research on various similar juicers from various different companies so that you can have a good idea of the amount that you would want to spend. Have a look at the features of juicers before buying and make sure you are investing on features that you want and are not overspending on the features that you don’t need.

2. Weight
As these juicers already count in as heavy duty juicers they have considerable weight and some of the products can be overweight for this category too. Make sure you check the weight of the juicer and check the space for its placement in your kitchen as it might become quite troublesome to change its position again and again.

3. Clean up
Cleaning up a juicer can be a daunting task if you don’t consider this point before buying. Make sure the juicer has parts that are easy to clean.

4. Noise
As most of the triturating juicers have silent operation, make sure you don’t end up buying yourself a one that rocks the house as juicers with silent working are easy to work with without letting the whole house know what you are up to in the kitchen.
So next time you are out hunting for a good triturating juicer for yourself in the juicer market which is always flooding with more and more models of triturating juicers everyday, make sure you keep in mind the above 4 points to help you choose a better juicer for you of good quality.

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