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Gift Yourself An Espresso Machine With a Coffee Grinder

Most people may say that they can’t live without coffee. Why not purchase an espresso machine to make your cup of joe every morning? The best value semi-automatic espresso maker that you find on the market right now would be be the Breville Barista Express Coffee Machine. This model comes equipped with everything you need and it is a favorite among homeowners who really care about their coffee. I even found bisuzs coffee recommending it.

Personalized Cup Of Coffee

This espresso machine allows you to make many styles of coffee and you wouldn’t dream of a Starbucks coffee for a long time. Flat White, Americano, Crema and even a Cappuccino. All you need to do is learn the right techniques. In addition to that, people also rave about it’s sleek stainless steel look but you can also purchase it in cranberry red or black sesame colour. The illuminating push buttons also woos the users. There is also a great deal on amazon if you purchase the espresso machine together with a knock box to chuck in your leftover coffee grind.

What Makes This Espresso Machine Special?

Well, aside from it being 600 dollars it’s definitely much cheaper than the best semi-automatic that costs 1000 dollars. Remember that even though it’s cheaper, the quality is almost same. It has it’s own coffee bean grinder so you don’t need to waste your money purchasing a separate grinder. It does a great job as well because you can adjust the grind amount and the grind size.

Good Tamper = Less Temper

Aside from that it has a great quality tamper that is stored in the machine. You don’t have to wonder about losing you tamper every morning. A tamper is very important when you grind your own coffee beans as it levels the amount of coffee being brewed. It’s not important if you love ESE pods! As I mentioned earlier, it comes with illuminated push buttons. The Power, Filter Size and Program button. There is also two buttons that determine the amount of water to release.

Easy To Clean Espresso Machine

It’s also easy to clean and you don’t have to consistently check the machine if it’s dirty as it has a clean me light. There is also an Empty Me! indicator if the removable drip tray is full. When buying this machine, you will receive a cleaning kit which is stored under the removable drip tray so don’t start the machine without checking! Great news to people who love frothing their milk as its steaming wand can swirl 360-degree.


With so many bonus features, why not add this espresso machine to your kitchen counter? It doesn’t take up a lot of space as they made it ideal to fit in your kitchen without looking super big. You will never doubt this machine in serving you your cup of joe every morning.

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